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Randa was and has been the best physician I've ever been to. She shows true care for her patients which is a rare quality with physicians :). She speaks to her patients in a genuine and personable manner that makes them feel at ease. She's been my physician for about a year and every time I come in it's a pleasure to see her. The other people that work there are great as well. They are all smiles and very helpful. I give Randa Kucey five-star rating and would highly recommend her to anyone considering a physician.

John Feb 09, 2020

A nurse practitioner who saved my life, literally. If you're in Eugene, Oregon, Randa Kucey never gave up on me, when others did!  I went from my body failing, literally being on deaths doorstep, to health and productivity! I have so much I would've missed out on if Randa hadn't been willing to keep trying. My daughter's wedding, a new grandson, a new love, a whole new life!
Diana F 4/4/2021


Dr. Randa Kucey is professional, polite and really makes you feel cared for.
Bobby BigNutz - 2 years ago


World Orgs
Randa Kucey is an amazing provider that cares about her patients. Wish I'd found her… years ago.

Review №21
Ive been very pleased with my PCP, Randa Kusey. She discusses all of my concerns and health issues without looking down on me. She talks to me as though Im intelligent and validates my concerns. Also, she is knowledgeable of reactions from the medications I take and works well with my other medical professional. Every time I go in to see her, she addresses my needs. I appreciate her care and concern for me. I am not beneath her or put down because Im on a limited income. I really enjoy Randa.

Review №32
I highly recommend Randa Kucey, it’s hard to express how grateful I am that I met her and get to be her patient, I made an appointment because I was having back pain, she sent me to the right people for that, but she also took the extra care to ask me about my childhood and took blood tests and found I had underlying problems that needed addressed, I can feel that she genuinely cares and is not judgmental, now I’m healing on all levels. Thank you so much, Randa.

Review №80
Dr. Randa Kucey is professional and polite. It feels like you are being cared for by family.

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